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Learn to control your mind, mood, and money while helping others to do the same!

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  1. Getting YOU Together FIRST!
    Getting YOU Together FIRST!
    Yes, the ICC Life Coaching Curriculum is designed to help you to build, sustain, and run an exceptionally successful business; however, the first step in doing so is to start with your own personal development.
  2. Build Your Business!
    Build Your Business!
    The ICC Life Coaching School will teach you the ins and outs of the business side of coaching so you will avoid the pitfalls that cause most businesses to fail within the first five years.
  3. Transform Lives!
    Transform Lives!
    As an ICC Certified Professional Life Coach, you will learn and master essential coaching skills that will make you indispensable to those that you serve!


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Want to make more money from the cilents you currently have?
Want a Career Change?
Want to trun your passion for helping people into profit?
Want to build your 6 figure business plan?
If you've said YES to any of these questions then we're saying YES we got you! 

*For all areas of life coaching from spiritual, health to executive, taught by experienced educators.

*Graduates will receive on-going support for 4 weeks to start your coaching practice. 

*In just 2-days you will be given the credentials, support and tools you need to build your coaching business.

Toy Addinton 

Who will be the next Coach to become a Certified Professional Life Coach and join the TRIBE with the  "Iron Sharpens Irons Mastermind Member Network?"

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Class Dates & Locations
Note: Unlimited On-line spots via ZOOM. 
February 21-23, 2020

Graduate Testimonoals
Here is what some of our GRADUATES had to say about their experience as a graduate of I Can't Coaching Life Coaching School. 

They all have different experiences in different areas such as health, sports coaches, school education, wealth, fitness, relationship counselors, financial experts and more. Their educational backgrounds included high school diplomas to Doctoral degrees. 

Hear it for yourself firsthand about how awesome their experience was and how prepared they are to start their businesses as a Certified Professional Life Coach! Congrats Grads!

The I Can't Coaching Life Coaching School is...

Built for those who want to help others succeed!

Helping people is more than simply giving advice! The goal of the ICC Life Coaching Certification Program is to guide you in mastering essential coaching skills and in turn using those skills to inspire, encourage, uplift, and equip those whom you will serve to excel in life. In doing so, you are helping them to regain lost ground and move forward in the roles that they have in life.​

Led by EXPERIENCED life and professional business coach, Toy Addington!

Founder and CEO Toy Addington is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Business Coach who specializes in business startups. Her goals are to help people to start businesses, grow businesses, and to teach people to make money in their sleep. With the wealth of knowledge that she possesses, she will help you do the same within your life coaching practice. Her passion is helping people to reach their highest level of JOY in their lives! Her Motto is "I Can't Let Anything Control My Mind, Mood, or Money."
Her faith is her foundation. 

   Why Join the Elite ICC Life Coaching Tribe!

  • Life Coaching Training that is real, relational, and relevant.
  • 20+ years of experience leading your training.
  • You’ll be trained and Certified though one of our experienced Certified Professional Life Coach graduates of ICC Life Coaching Certification Program.
  • Complete your training and become certified without taking years to do so.
  • You’ll also receive the ICC B.Y.O.B. training on how to market your coaching services.
  • Financial assistance is available on a case by case basis.
  • Talk to a gamechanger in the field, learn more, and get those tough questions answered.
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